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Panjur Kıl fitil seçenekleri

Blinds Bristle Wick 

Blinds Bristle Wick Series

Sliding Bristle roving,  

- Aluminum Door and window  

- PVC door, PVC door systems, PVC sliding systems

Glass Balcony systems  

-   wooden doors and windows

  Shutter systems, in moving systems such as mosquito nets,

It is a wick with insulation feature that allows spaces to breathe by excluding water, dust and sound. 

Windo Bristle rovings are manufactured from premium first class Polypropylene yarn. Our silicone bristle wicks
  It is long-lasting and preserves its original structure for a long time.


Standard Series bristle wicks 

ARMOTEKS, which has been operating in Izmir since 1979, is in Turkey with its modern machinery facility under the WINDO brand.
  It is the first CLAY roving brand manufactured.


Sliding Bristle Roving, 


4,8mm kıl fitil ölçüleri
5,1mm kıl fitil ölçüleri
6,7mm kıl fitil ölçüleri
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